2 Years To 3 Years

The toddler room offers a warm welcome to this exciting age group. Keeping within the theme of home from home the room comprises a quiet area, a kitchen / diner area, bedroom area, art area, construction / small world area and messy play area.  There is a bathroom attached to the room with low level toilets and hand wash sinks, potties and a nappy changing area. Toddlers usually begin their transition to independent toileting and we encourage parents to bring in lots of changes of clothes for this transition.

The day in the toddler room offers time for cuddles and conversation alongside socialising with other children and adults, messy and sensory activities, stories and singing, playing outside and in the gym. Small group and large group times promote co-operative play, peer interaction, problem solving, language development, conflict resolution and confidence building. Toddlers like to use the whole space available and to this end lots of opportunities are provided for energetic outdoor activities, time in the gym developing those newly honed motor skills and lots of messy play that they can dive right into.

Progress check at age 2

When a child is between the ages of two and three, practitioners will review their progress and meet with the parents /carers to go through a written summary of their child's development in the prime areas. The summary will identify strengths and opportunities for development. Practitioners work alongside parents/carers to develop a personal target and plan to support their child’s learning and development.

Kid Piling Blocks