3 Years To Leaving For School



The pre-school room offers a warm welcome to this progressive age group. Keeping within the theme of home from home the room comprises a quiet area, a home corner, art area, messy play area.  There is a bathroom attached to the room with low level toilets and hand wash sinks, potties and a nappy changing area. IPad’s and IPod’s provide opportunities to develop IT skills. There is a separate outdoor area which allows the children to decide whether to undertake their learning indoors or out, supported by adults. We have excellent links with schools in the area and work very hard on ensuring that the children have a pain free transition to school. We acknowledge and celebrate each child’s journey with us by hosting a graduation ceremony each year which always proves to be an emotional event.

The pre-school team support the children in acknowledging and understanding their own feelings and those of others. They enjoy being supportive and active partners in play. All activities within the pre-school room provide opportunities for children to use their language skills, number skills and emerging mark making and writing skills. The pre-school children are encouraged to increase their levels of independence, with support, from putting on and fastening their coat and shoes to setting the table for mealtimes.

All children are encouraged to wash their hands with supervision before and after mealtimes and messy play throughout the day.

Throughout the rooms, staff work very closely with parent’s to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met. Each stage of development is discussed with parents and changes to routine are agreed before being implemented.

We assure you of our love, care and attention for your children and their needs at all times.

Two Dolls